Frog, Give Up!




released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


THOUSANDZZ OF BEEZ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, PA


h. colt paulson
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Track Name: jake played with foxes
we traveled past the broken bridge
i might need you to leave this year
we made out, when we were drunken
under the bridge near my mama's haus
glow worms surrounded us
it was only may!
Track Name: water soon
orced outta the meadow
with a sword
we face the empty glow
we denied the constant flow of yr lord

the baffles in our village
have made quite the scene
our schemes go dumb and unnoticed
as they are ripped out from the seams

we must make it to that waterfall
we must bathe in the stream
we must make it to that waterfall
before we make the father's dream come true

we left the meadow
got tired of the loons
making us their statues, their shadows
making us their goons

the hair of you is long now
it's making me sad
we'll reach the water soon
Track Name: drrty thoughtz (4 to 11 years)
i'm going back to my father's trailer
I might see my stepmother dancing
or mowing their lawn
or calling my name
i haven't see you in 4 to 11 years
are you still the same monster?

I remember.
I remember.

make sure i wash my feet
i won't meet you with dirty thoughts
with unclean thoughts
Track Name: sea foam shanty (pony song)
wild ponies trampling my autoharp
while friends are cowering inside of tents
cramped but content being
trampled by the hooves of a man's lament

kelsey was not afraid
she emptied her bladder
and scared them away
the others slept like captured babes
but the gullz frightened us the next day

surely, we hide our alcoholic night
from the beach combers and the patrols
who would love to bust a bunch of folks like us
without collecting our shame
all of our change

swimming in the shark zone
we sift within an attack

"take my burden
swallow my earth birth!!
I am not a defender
I am not a worm!!!
the fortune is here
to share the ghost burns!!!"

the captain took a break from that naughty dream
a flaccid mistake, to destroy the father's scheme
for life, for light, for life
for love

we healed ourselves
within a year's time
we dusted our mantles
and made sure that we fed the blind

that cat in the barn is still screaming
in heat, and gleaming against the gulls
against yr home

it's always the same
Track Name: computer cafe village warrior
the ppl in our village
only stare up at the sky
never into another face
never into another's eyes

just an order of placement
would be fucking nice
the planets don't sing to align
for the little folks like you and I

wait for the mass to start
a cock will alert us

to rise up!!!
rise up lyke our parents
Track Name: (interlude for home)
i do not like it in here
i do not want to grow up
help! help! give up
go! give up frog
give up!
give up!
i do not like it in here
I do not want to grow up
help! help!
give up!
go! give up
I can go home now
home is the best place,
i like it here, bear
Track Name: h.o.m.e declawed
in secret you unpack yr own world
"i've unfurled the old ways!"
ya think of yr mother
and she adored yr spills
and sent ya backwards and forwards
to lined up to be killed
the other ones were emptied
the other ones did stay

on nights like these
I feel declawed

man on the cellar door
you are still wild
oh! man on the cellar door
you are still wild
cuz home is the best place here
cuz home is the best place here
yeah home is the best place here
Track Name: sloppy seahorse empress head
beyond the empress head
lays a little shrine
a little place where
we can find ourselves
and find our minds

i stood there thinking
about that distant time
in which we found the ghost
hiding in the attic lights

in the valley
between my home and yours
many ghosts dance
their light away

where the fuck is the key?
i'm not sure
but maybe we can learn to sway

onwards and for chants
i am dissipated armed forces
reoccurring dreamscape
open us and make a scheme

if the earth mothers dead
then where will our ghosts dance?

I failed to read me
I earned my mistakes
the ocean cowered
and covered my fate

sloppy seahorse!
make sure the tidepool ain't full again
sloppy seahorse!
make sure to lay yr egg sack in peace

we couldn't lay yr egg sacks
without the sharks tormenting you
with all their heart + lungs

yano we've got to run???
we've got to run!!!!
Track Name: failed picnic
ran around town all morning
looking for a bank
that would take a boi like me
i didn't find one but on Chisslett street
a bluejay hit my cheek

i creaked through the neighborhood
where i saw a woman smack the back of
her child's head
"I hope shes dead now!"
she might be dead now?

i walked home
two gun shots on Woodbine
made me run
gunpowder and bullet dancing
made me flee and weep and creep

i'm feeling crystallized by now

i hid out for hours
met up with a friend
a failed picnic
took us too long
we walked along the tracks by the Allegheny
we couldn't find the button
so we threw rocks at dead deer instead
and it got to my head

:::gibber gibber gibber:::