recorded between 2015-2016
bouts of agoraphobia and twists


released May 23, 2016

all songs written and recorded
by H. Colt Paulson

piano. guitar, bells, harp, vox, synth, percussion



all rights reserved


THOUSANDZZ OF BEEZ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, PA


h. colt paulson
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Track Name: confession
i left you by the dock
with yr hand down yr pants
you said
that man said
"If I ever find you
yr a dead boi."
but I'm a good swimmer now
you can't catch me
you won't catch me
Track Name: lifted + unbridled
we tumbled down the hillside
long before we hit our head
we put the fear of nothing
straight, inside our heads

it felt wrong
yeah we felt wrong

that hill it taught us how to breath
how to breed, how to live
that stinger got stuck in you
and you died!
i didn't paw, i knew it was wrong
I knew that was wrong.

her collar bone had snapped
she spent the summer inside
(but at least she didn't die ! !!!)
we got lifted and unbridled by
a mean old man, that horrid guide

with the help of a few empty glows
we made it home
Track Name: 3
my cousins killing caterpillars w/ paintball guns
"i don't need that memorie!"

my sister scratching my eye over 'Indian in the Cupboard'
in the backseat of my mama's car

"I don't need these memories!
i will lock them up!
i will shut them up!"
Track Name: stay on earth (month or week or year)
i would've picked a dark vacation instead of this place
i would've cut you out a fake
and labeled you a snake
congratulations!!! yr young and faceless!!!

a microworld will not save the empty flows
insect wings torn off ( we can't fly no more)
this was no accident (we can't fly no more)

bent my vision this morning in a crude rush
trudged towards the kitchen like a mourning lush
sideways vision spoil the rest of the day or month or week or year or stay on earth

turn the lights out
or miss the bus
yr always sitting by that red sign
in case some fiery white man decides to end our light
Track Name: aeons (worst kind)
i wait away all my patience for a stupid boi like you, i swear
just an order of placement, as the planets wind down the stairs
i might be yr worst kind of love

just listen to the preacher with the heart of a clutz
affording to save us, save us from the thrust
but he'll not save those simple doves
he can't save those stupid peace doves

i'm not waiting for aeons
aeons? to no avail

i could post a trigger warning on every single door
spell it backwards, spell it forwards
idc anymore
everything is seeping in
the entire whirl is creeping in
and we must learn to dance

i will not tumble blindly for the reigning moth doth
the patterns we're repeating
and the parents that are leading us into rust
sores in the distance, have already crossed us
be a friendly reminder of a choke-hold that's kinder

the place in the desert
(where we hoped to die)
is all gone now
Track Name: insides are blue
you might fold against the gulls
against the light // against the trailers
you kept yr heart in
it was not up to you

u presented me with two sides
one was the color of yr insides (blue)
another one was the thing you kept
through the ages
a sparrow
a vessel
Track Name: necromancer (red white blonde)
u fucking necromancer
u know nothing of my family
u fucking key keeper
u know nothing of my family

stop telling me what to do

Sandy, it's fine
I guess the gulls make their way into time
they make a scene inside the blood thirsty fields
and creep around the red white and blonde

and i knew
heaven would be too blue for you
"it's a slow recovery, he says" you told me
it's a slow world?
nah, it's a slow return of to this world!
Track Name: annoying bent vision of the pinesap king
well dried monument against the village the goals
we've bent our vision in the morning light
against the village gold

well dried monument of the village
that thing has not worked in years!
a border of dust, a wall will be built
against our peers, a symbol of our fears

one night of love
traded in for a lifetime
we echoed god with our bodies

we really thought we were fully grown and ready
but we ain't ready

you said i gave you shivers like no other
well you give me splinters, nothing has changed!!!
our exchange is the same
oh! pinesap king
Track Name: empress theft
you emptied blood in the century pool
they made a scene about that!
the moving pictures have never been the same
they still make scenes about that!!!

and that yr spilling out yr head
i swear yr spilling out yr soul
every-time you play pool at them dumb bars
you get more old
i get more old

crossing moats and ferry lines
we can spill out if we only try to make sure we pay those fines
and let ourselves be cherry blinded